Yep, she is. But she made the transition to California Muscle Goddess long ago. She still loves the beach, but now she stands out from the crowd, and loves the attention she gets from admiring onlookers.
Come in and witness Dianne's Feminine Perfection!
It's elegant, it's tight, and it molds to her bulging muscles and sexy curves like it was poured on. But she feels much more comfortable and less constrained when it's finally off, and she can show you all of what's underneath!
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She's got big enough guns for that shell, and she's got the strength and will to do whatever she wants with it! "Man the Tank and let's kick some Ass!" Your response better be, "Ma'am, YES, Ma'am!"
Ready for Extreme Muscle? Log in now and watch her grow!
How many ways can a beautiful, naked, muscular babe and stripper shoes be posed in a bathroom to make you shake your head in disbelief? Dianne playfully shows you in every single photo of this set!
Muscle Goddess inside! Come in now and worship her beauty!
Tight pink stretch pants and a white tank top that can barely contain what they cover. Glutes, quads, hams, and lats... they all stretch that fabric to it's limit, and look SO good doing it!
Once you get a taste of this Shredded Muscle Babe, game over!
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