Look closely. Animalistic, perfect, bulging biceps, carved abs, massive quads, shredded delts, mounds of muscle from the rear, not to mention that rear. By now you should be saying OMG! Feminine beauty, muscular perfection!

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All that muscle, all that skin. A mischievous smile, a coy pose... you want to see it all? I'll bet you do, and you can bet she has fun showing it to you!

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Stopping gym-goers in their tracks... awe-inspiring muscularity, beauty, strength, and skimpy bits of clothe that should be illegal to stretch out the way she does it.

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You'd be impressed with a public gym workout... but you'd probably pass out if you witnessed her private garage workout. Think you could handle spotting her? Didn't think so!

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It starts with that smile, and continues with that gleam in her eyes... that says, you like THIS? Wait 'til you see what's next! She knows she's got it, and she knows you love what she does with it!

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